10 Years as a School Principal
15 Years as a Teacher
25 Years as a  Counselor​/Hypnotherapist

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+ TESTIMONIAL: "Dr. Beauchamp was truly my saving grace. She immediately came to my home, read through pages and pages of documents from the school, made detailed notes, taught me about the law, and instructed me on how to proceed. She attended each and every meeting I had with the school from that point forward. I was no longer afraid of being manipulated or coerced by the school. Having the extremely knowledgeable Dr. Beauchamp by my side changed my son's situation at school immediately. My son was placed back in the general education classroom and was given a paraprofessional to help him throughout the day. I owe her a debt of gratitude." Ms. Rivers. 
Advanced Learning  has been in existence since 1988. The company has provided training for teachers, parents, public officials, government employees, and the public in general in the areas of professional development, Ombudsman services, and counseling. 

Advanced Learning  provides actuarial assessments in special education for school districts. Teacher training. Student Neurofeedback assessments.

Advanced Learning  provides services in special education, Social Skills, Executive Skills,   Group Therapy, , 504 Accommodation Plans, transition plans, residential and group home placements in coordination with other agencies.